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Best 2 Line Answering Machine

In most cases the best 2 line answering machine is a 2 line cordless phone. They are available in a dozen or so styles with features and capabilities to address the requirements of any home or small business user. The most popular styles include corded cordless and Bluetooth enabled phones.

Top Brands

Panasonic and Uniden are the specialists in 2 line cordless phones. They don't have the market to themselves, but they do make the best 2 line phones. In the past they were 5.8 GHz phones, but the latest are all DECT 6.0 phones. Their edge is derived from refinements made to their respective multi-call handling capabilities. Because they have been making 2 line phones for longer than their rivals they have addressed issues associated with call transfer, privacy and recording. They are complexities that either don't arise or are different in the case of single line phones. Where competitors have attempted to address them it's been with band aids that negate ease of use.

Panasonic 2 Line Answering Machine

The latest from Panasonic is the KX-TG9472B. Its main point of difference is integration with Microsoft Outlook. Aided by a 3.5 inch display users can dial contacts with the click of a mouse and take advantage of screen pop-ups triggered by in-bound calls.

The digital answering machine can store approximately 40 minutes of recorded messages. They can be accessed locally via handsets or remotely.

Panasonic 2 line cordless phones have two other features that set them apart (1) they use standard rechargeable AAA batteries, and (2) Silent mode - most competitive products enable users to silence ringers but it's a case of all on or all off. Panasonic phones enable users to silence ringers selectively. They can also schedule or program the times and days when ringers are to be silent.

Uniden 2 Line Answering Machine

The DECT4096 is Uniden's latest 2 line corded cordless phone with answering machine. It's more expandable than the Panasonic phones (10 versus 6 handsets) and compatible with DRX100 range extenders. On the other hand its menu system could benefit from some stream lining as functions are often tedious to access.

The DECT4096's answering system can store approximately 30 minutes of recorded messages.

If power outages are a concern get a phone with a corded handset on the base unit. At least you will still have one handset that is useable when the lights go out. Both the Panasonic KX-TG9391T and DECT4096 are corded cordless phones and can be used during a power outage.

The latest Uniden two line cordless phones are less impressive than its earlier phones. All manufacturers need to respond to cost pressures but we feel that Uniden may have gone too far. we also feel that quality control is not as tight as in the past.

No Tapes

Digital technology rules. The latest telephone answering systems employ digital answering machines. Tapes, cassettes and cartridges have been superseded by chips. Personal greetings no longer become mangled and distorted as tapes age and stretch. As messages are no longer sequentially recorded they can be retrieved in any order.

DECT 6.0 Cordless Phones

The combination of a cordless digital phone and a digital answering machine is a marriage made in heaven. DECT 6.0 phones are immune to nearly all forms of interference, have great cordless phone range and almost unlimited talk time between charges.

Key Features

The telephone answering systems above share a number of useful features in common.

1. Each line has a separate answering system.

2. Users are prompted to choose line #1 or #2 whenever accessing the answering system.

3. Lines can be independently setup and managed e.g. PINS, ring time, record time, greetings, deleting messages ...

4. Messages can be picked up remotely.

5. Messages can be accessed from any connected cordless handset as well corded base units.


Cordless phones 2 line answering machines are excellent value for money and easy to setup. Panasonic and Uniden make the best cordless phones in this niche.

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