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Which 2 Line Phone?
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It's still possible buy an el cheapo corded 2 line phone. Basic models are available for less than $50, but even at that price there aren't too many takers. As millions of people must need a phone with 2 lines we decided to dig a little deeper and discover what they are using. It didn't take long to find the answer.

1. Cordless Home Phones

In the home one phone line is never enough. More than ever before consumers are buying cordless 2 line phones. Thanks to DECT 6.0 technology they are significantly cheaper today than they were even two to three years ago. That's obviously an important factor, but so is the convenience of being able to:

  • Walk and talk
  • Multi-task
  • Put handsets in every room without installing additional wiring
  • The latest models are all expandable DECT 6.0 phones. Every brand has at least 2 models on offer such as a corded cordless phone and a straight cordless phone with answering machine. Other variations include Bluetooth enabled models and phones without answering machines.

    Panasonic and Uniden score top rating in this niche and overall make the best 2 line cordless phones.

    2. VoIP Cordless Phones

    Any two line cordless phone can be used with either a landline or internet phone service, but a purpose built cordless VoIP phone offers many more advantages. For call clarity and affordability Siemens phones set the benchmark. They are in fact hybrid or dual mode phones capable of being used with either fixed line or VoIP phone services. They can also be used as 3 line phones (1 fixed line call concurrent with 2 VoIP calls).

    Siemens IP phones employ the industry standard SIP protocol, which means they can be used with almost any VoIP phone service, but not Skype or Vonage.

    3. IP Phones

    For only a few dollars more than a traditional corded phone consumers or small business owners can buy the latest Cisco SPA 303 3-Line IP Phone. The third line doesn't have to be used and may come in useful at a future date.

    One of the great advantages of IP phones is that they use the same cabling as networked computers. In fact they are commonly plugged directly into workstations.

    Cisco IP phones can be used with any SIP based VoIP broadband phone service and installed in minutes.


    If you haven't done so already it's time to get a shiny new 2 line cordless phone or Cisco IP phone. They're cool and packed with useful features.

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