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Uniden Amplified Cordless Phones

Uniden does an excellent job of targeting niche markets with products that set a benchmark for style and effectiveness. Examples include waterproof, long range and amplified cordless phones. The latter are not only popular with the hearing impaired. They are also sought out by consumers who hate asking softly spoken callers to repeat themselves, and those who are unimpressed by tiny buttons, cell phone size handsets, difficult to read displays and hardly audible ringers.

Loud and Clear Amplified Cordless Phones

The latest generation of Uniden's Loud and Clear phones are a great improvement on the previous models. For a start they provide more amplification: 30db vs 20db and in addition to displaying the names of callers also announce them. It's a feature that seniors in particular appreciate. It enables them to screen out unwanted calls without getting up to read a caller ID display.

There are several models including corded cordless options and phones either with or without answering systems.

Common features across all models include loud ringers, flashing call notification lights, large buttons and large displays with big easily read fonts. The earpieces are cup shaped and provide an excellent acoustic seal against the intrusion of background noise.

Users of hearing impaired phones often express dissatisfaction with their ability to control the level of amplification. Uniden's Loud and Clear phones address this issue by providing full control over ringer and call level volume. In addition to boosting or decreasing volume users can also adjust tone settings to meet individual requirements.

Mix and Match Handsets

One or more Loud and Clear accessory handsets can also be added to almost any Uniden DECT 6.0 phone system. The ability to mix and match different types of handset is one of the best features of Uniden cordless phones. You can put rugged waterproof handsets in wet areas or by a pool, sleek modern handsets in family rooms and an amplified cordless phone in any location that gets noisy such as a games room or garage. In the case of Panasonic, Vtech and most other manufacturers there is no such ability.

Best Big Button Cordless Phone

Seniority is a mixed blessing. It comes with a fair share of challenges. In addition to hearing and seeing disabilities there are also arthritic fingers and a general loss of dexterity to contend with. These challenges are compounded by a trend towards miniaturizing: cell phones and cordless phones. Uniden amplified cordless phones address these issues comprehensively with large well spaced buttons featuring large legible numbers.


Uniden is up against a formidable competitor in this niche. Clarity specializes in hearing impaired telephones and covers the whole spectrum of requirements from mild through to severe hearing loss.

In 2012 Panasonic released a hearing impaired phone. So far there is only one model and its only suitable for users with mild to moderate hearing difficulties. As is usually the case Panasonic has introduced a number of innovative features including a talking key pad that speaks dialed numbers. It's Uniden's most direct competition.


Competition is hotting up in the amplified cordless phone market. It's good news for baby boomers entering their senior years.

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