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Annoying Phone Calls
How to Block Unwanted Phone Calls

We all get annoying phone calls from people we don't want to speak to for one reason or another. Until recently there were few options for deterring unwanted callers. Silent or unlisted numbers are a common response, but many of us want to keep our numbers listed for business or other reasons.

The answer is to take direct control of the ringer on your phone. You can decide who rings your bell if you have the right type of phone or an appropriate blocking device such as the CPR V202.

CPR Call Blocker V202

Call blocking is also a feature that's available on some of the latest Panasonic and Uniden cordless phones.

Panasonic's latest DECT 6.0 Plus phones offer a number of additional features that compliment call blocking. These include Silent Mode and Talking Caller ID. They also have a power backup feature that enables these phones to be used even during a power outage.

How to Block Phone Calls

Instead of changing phone numbers to avoid annoying phone calls a better approach is to use a call blocking cordless phone to filter calls from anyone you don't want to hear from. Thereafter they will always encounter an engaged signal. You can add numbers to a blocking list in seconds. No need to contact phone service providers. Simply add numbers to the blocking list and update if and when required.

Talking Caller ID

Another feature that can be used to screen out unwanted phone calls is Panasonic's talking caller ID. It uses text-to-speech technology to identify and announce the names of parties calling from "known" numbers.

Armed with this capability you can choose whether to answer a call or let it go to an answering machine or voice mail. If you subsequently discover that it was a telemarketing or nuisance call add the number to your call block list.


The latest Panasonic cordless phones provide some excellent tools for dealing with nuisance phone calls. They are better than alternative approaches that involve changing phone numbers and are often unsuccessful in deterring pests.

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