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Best ATT Phones
Best Cordless Phone Reviews

The best ATT phones to-date. They stack up well against both Panasonic and Uniden cordless phones and deserve their top cordless phone ratings.

ATT CL82409
ATT CL82409

Latest ATT Cordless Phones

DECT 6.0 technology is responsible for their excellent call clarity, range and freedom from interference. The phones deliver all the usual features that we expect from the latest DECT phones.

  • Handset speakerphones.
  • Shared phonebook-directory.
  • Call conferencing - 3 way.
  • Intercom.

There are three ranges in the CL8 series:

  • ATT CL81 - cordless phones without answering systems. These are the best phones for users of ATT voice mail and other telephone voicemail services. The most popular model is the CL81309 - an expandable 3 handset cordless phone.

  • ATT CL82 - cordless phone and answering system - 14 minutes recording capacity. The most popular model is the CL82409 - an expandable 4 handset phone.

  • Best ATT Phones
    ATT CL81309
  • ATT CL84 - corded-cordless phones.

All CL8 series phones are expandable up to 12 handsets, which should be adequate in most homes. They share a single phone jack and so the potential savings in home phone wiring costs are substantial.

The phones are both easy and comfortable to use. It's a relief to have finally found a big button cordless phone with a large easily read display.

Cordless Wall Phones

Anyone looking for a genuine wall mount cordless phone will be pleased to learn that they've finally hit the jack pot with CL81 and 82 phones. They are not flush mounted phones, but they are the next best thing. The alternatives are either impractical or involve a shelf type attachment that juts out at ninety degrees and is guaranteed to snare passing traffic.

Without doubt these are the best ATT phones whether you are using a traditional home phone service or a VoIP home phone service.

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Top of Best ATT Phones

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