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Best Cordless Phones Review 2017

Our 2017 Best Cordless Phones Review highlighted the dominance of VTech and Panasonic cordless telephones. They score the highest cordless phone ratings in every category from cordless home phones through to 4 line phone systems. However, that should not be taken to suggest that there aren't big differences between them. While Panasonic targets the premium segment with leading edge cordless phones, Vtech is strongest at the budget end of the market. In their respective niches both companies can legitimately claim to have the best cordless phones in 2017.

Top Rated Cordless Phones 2017

Latest Panasonic Cordless Telephones

Best Cordless Phone

Panasonic's high end cordless phones are designated DECT 6.0 Plus phones to draw our attention to their advanced features. These include extended range, enhanced call clarity, power backup, call blocking, talking caller ID .... They are without a doubt the most advanced cordless phones available.

In much the same way as Toyota came to dominate segments of the automobile market by over delivering, Panasonic has done exactly the same with cordless phones. Any in depth comparison of Panasonic cordless phones with the alternatives is very revealing. For whatever reason most of Panasonic's competitors produce generic products with little or no evidence of innovation. Their focus is on cutting costs through every available means.

Long Range Cordless Telephone

Panasonic DECT 6.0 Plus phones deliver significantly better cordless phone range than standard DECT 6.0 phones. However if you happen to live in a seriously large mansion you can further increase the range of your phone by adding one or more Panasonic range extenders. They are ideal for apartments or homes with multiple levels or users who want to wander around their yards talking on the phone.

Wall Mount Cordless Phone

Finally a genuine cordless wall phone. Panasonic has come up with a slick solution. It's a low profile base unit with reversible pedestal that enables handsets to be either wall mounted or parked on a desk ...

Latest Vtech Cordless Phones

Best Vtech Cordless Phone

The Vtech CS6429-x and CS6419-x are hot favorites with consumers hunting for cheap cordless phones. If bells and whistles are not required they are more than adequate. They are basic and don't support the features that differentiate Panasonic phones, but they do the job.

The latest Vtech phones compete against Panasonic's new "budget cordless phone" the KX-TG6512B. In fact it's a full-on DECT 6.0 Plus phone without an integrated answering machine. It's a top seller because consumers are switching across to Internet phone services with included voice mail. They don't need answering machines.

Bluetooth Cordless Phones

The best cordless phones review goes to Panasonic once again. Bluetooth technology is critical to the company's future. By enabling consumers to use a cordless phone with both land line and cellular networks its products will remain relevant when they cut the cord. To that end Panasonic has released numerous Bluetooth cordless phones. Its most aggressively competitive offering being the KX-TG7645M.

While Vtech phones generally don't offer the same leading edge features as those from Panasonic they are still highly competitive.

DECT 6.0 Phones

A brief scan of the latest cordless telephone reviews confirms that DECT 6.0 technology rules supreme. DECT phones have not only superseded 900 MHz phones, but also 2.4 GHz and even 5.8 GHz phones.

Best Cordless Phones Review - Final Thoughts

Cordless phones are mass produced commodities. To reduce costs and maintain competitiveness all manufacturers have located operations in low cost labor markets in China and South East Asia. Panasonic has been more successful than most in achieving this objective, while also maintaining a program of on-going innovation.

Reports published by independent market analysts confirm that Panasonic has the largest share of the DECT phone market based on units shipped (23% with it's closest competitor trailing 8% behind - MZA Ltd).

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