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Finding the best home phone is really about identifying the best cordless phone. The days when corded telephones were the only option are long gone. Cordless phone technology has progressed and multi handset cordless phones are to be found in nearly every home.

Best Cordless Phones

The best cordless telephones use DECT 6.0 technology. DECT is a global standard that has been adopted by all manufacturers of wireless phone systems. It eliminates issues with cordless phone interference and automatically encrypts wireless communication to prevent eavesdropping by scanners and other electronic devices.

The first thing to notice is that the Top Selling Cordless Phones are all DECT 6.0 phones.

DECT 6.0 Phones

A handful of companies make DECT 6.0 cordless phones for the global market. As they use the same core technology their phones have much in common. However, that's not to say there aren't differences between them. In fact there are thousands of styles and models. The manufactures differentiate their phones by tailoring them to address an endless range of niche requirements:

  • big button cordless phones
  • waterproof cordless phones
  • multi line cordless phones
  • phones with or without answering machines
  • long range cordless phones ...
  • cordless phones for hearing impaired users
  • ...

Identify the features that are most important to you. It's a critical step in choosing the best home phone.

For our money the best home phone is currently the Panasonic KX-TG6645B. It's a state of the art phone with every conceivable feature (except Bluetooth technology). We also love the convenience of having five handsets spread around our home.

Cheap Cordless Phones

Most cordless phone manufacturers compete at the budget end of the market. These companies include: Uniden, GE, AT&T and Vtech. The most aggressive of these companies is Vtech.

The latest Vtech phones are top rated cordless phones at a budget price. They perform the basics well, but don't expect too many bells and whistles.

High End Cordless Phones

Panasonic cordless phones occupy the high ground. The latest models include the KX-TG76xx, KX-TG66xx and KX-TG40xx models. They all employ Panasonic's latest DECT 6.0 Plus Technology. It provides greatly enhanced call clarity and increased stand-by / talk-time.

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