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We usually associate Bluetooth earphones with cell phones, but they can also be used to answer landline calls in homes and small offices. If that sounds like a good idea you will need either a Bluetooth cordless phone or gateway. Either option can be installed in minutes. The key difference between them is that a gateway is generally used with existing corded or cordless phones, whereas the former is a complete replacement.

Bluetooth Advantages

It's all about convenience and eliminating wires. Most of us welcome every opportunity to get rid of wired connections, as long as there aren't associated health risks. The good news is that Bluetooth earpieces emit less radiation than either cell phones or cordless phones. There is no evidence that they present any health risk.

The wired cordless phone headset is destined to be a casualty of these developments. While Panasonic's cordless phones still feature a 3.5 mm headset jack, other manufacturers including Vtech and AT&T no longer add them to their latest phones.

Bluetooth Reviews

The latest Bluetooth cordless phones can pair with earpieces and headsets, as well as cell phones. They effectively operate as the hub of a Bluetooth home phone network.

The top rated cordless phones present few if any Bluetooth pairing issues. They can link with almost any Bluetooth device and their range is more than adequate in most homes.

Hands Free Device

Bluetooth earpieces are the ultimate hands free device. They are safe, reliable and can be used with both cell phones and cordless home phones.

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