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Bluetooth Pairing
Advantages of a Bluetooth Home Phone Network

Bluetooth pairing is a fundamental feature of Bluetooth wireless technology. It occurs when two Bluetooth devices set to discoverable mode detect one another's presence and start a relationship. They first exchange passwords or passkeys and if there is a match, they progress to becoming a trusted pair. Thereafter whenever they encounter one another they automatically pair and information is exchanged.

Billions of Bluetooth cell phones, earpieces, headsets, keyboards, mice and other gadgets pair up every day. It's a robust and reliable process that enables users to communicate without wires when on the move.

Bluetooth Cordless Phones and Gateways

Having conquered the world of personal and mobile communication, Bluetooth technology is set to become a standard feature of home and small office phone systems. Bluetooth cordless phones or link-to-cell phones offer many advantages over standard DECT 6.0 phones.

Bluetooth Advantages

By automatically pairing with cell phones, headsets and earpieces, a Bluetooth cordless phone blurs or even eliminates many of differences between cell phones and cordless phones. For example, on arriving home or entering an office they automatically pair with your Bluetooth cell phone or headset. In so doing they enable cordless handsets to be used to make or answer cell phone calls.

The benefits of Bluetooth pairing go way beyond increased comfort and convenience. Bluetooth cell phones and cordless phones are in fact highly complimentary. In combination they overcome a number of issues.

  • Excessive exposure to cell phone radiation.
  • Weak cell phone reception or dead zones within a home or office.
  • A Bluetooth cordless phone or gateway may even eliminate the requirement for a land line phone service. Depending on the make and model of these devices, it's generally possible to pair at least two cell phones and use their respective services to make outbound calls from whichever corded or cordless handset is closest. For those with cell phone plans that have included or free cell phone minutes the business case is even more compelling.

    Bluetooth Reviews

    There are at least three excellent Bluetooth cordless phones. Panasonic, Vtech and Siemens are the leaders in this space. In our view the Panasonic KX-TG6583T is the benchmark. It has all the features of the latest DECT 6.0 Plus phones as well as excellent range and call clarity.

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