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Advantages of Bluetooth Cordless Phones and Gateways

Most Bluetooth reviews focus on earpieces, headsets, cell phones and hands free car kits. It reflects the fact that Bluetooth technology is usually associated with mobility and not making or receiving phone calls at home, but that perception is changing.

Bluetooth Pairing

Installing a Bluetooth gateway, bridge or cordless home phone enables users to experience the benefits of Bluetooth networking. By automatically pairing with cell phones, headsets and earpieces a Bluetooth hub enables users to:

  • Answer landline calls via their Bluetooth headsets ...
  • Answer cell phone calls from a corded or cordless phone
  • Upload-download and synchronize phonebooks
  • Make cell phone calls from a corded or cordless phone
  • Overcome issues with poor cell phone reception
  • Ditch land line phone services
  • Reduce exposure to cell phone radiation
  • These benefits are available to everyone, but users with plans providing included or free cell phone minutes are best able to reduce the cost of telephone services to the home.

    Latest Cordless Phones

    The latest generation of Bluetooth cordless phones from Panasonic and Vtech automatically and reliably pair with Bluetooth enabled cell phones and earpieces. Depending on the make and model of a Bluetooth gateway up to three cell phones can be concurrently paired.


    The convergence of DECT and Bluetooth technology means that cordless phones will be around long after the great majority of households have disconnected their land line phone service. It's a development reflected in the growing number of reviews that detail the pros and cons of the latest Bluetooth cordless phones.

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