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The ultimate broadband IP phone to use with a VoIP home phone service is a purpose built cordless broadband phone. While a regular cordless phone combined with an analog telephone adapter (ATA) will do the job, call quality and ease of use are never as good as the real thing.

Cordless VoIP Phones

With the exception of Skype and Vonage nearly all VoIP phone services use the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). Hence the VoIP cordless phones that are compatible with the widest range of services are SIP phones.

Cordless VoIP Phone
Siemens IP Phones

Siemens Cordless Phones

While Cisco dominates the corporate market, Siemen's Gigaset is far away the leading manufacturer of cordless VoIP phones for use with VoIP home phone services. They can be used with multiple SIP voice service providers (VSP's) and automatically switch between them to achieve the lowest cost of service based on call destination etc. However, don't attempt to use them with either the Vonage or Skype phone services, as they use proprietary protocols that aren't SIP compatible.

Siemens phones are well designed and solid. It's almost impossible to brick a Siemens cordless broadband phone, we've tried. They are DECT 6.0 phones and expandable up to 6 handsets. Voice clarity is exceptional. We have never encountered interference, echo or other distortion when using them.

Siemens has done an excellent job of making it easy to use the phones with one or more VSP's. They can be configured via the handsets or a browser interface. The process is deceptively simple as the phones pack the punch of a compact PBX. They are dual-mode phones, which means that they can used as both landline and Internet telephones. Up to three lines can be in concurrent use i.e. two VoIP lines and one land line phone service.

Other Cordless VoIP Phones

Surprisingly none of the other well known manufacturers of cordless home phones have released anything that is competitive with Siemens cordless broadband phones. Given the pace at which households are ditching land line phone services and switching to VoIP, we believe it's a serious miscalculation.


The uptake of residential VoIP services is increasing dramatically. They are a credible alternative to landline phone services and an easy way to reduce expenses. When used with state of the art VoIP telephones such as those from Siemens Gigaset there are downsides to making the switch.

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