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Cordless phone comparison has become a lot less difficult than it was in the past. Thanks to DECT 6.0 technology the playing field has been leveled. All DECT 6.0 cordless phones use the1.9 GHz cordless phone frequency and issues with cordless phone interference, battery life, security and range are seldom encountered. On the other hand it would be a mistake to assume that all DECT 6.0 phones are the same.

The Best Cordless Phones

While all DECT 6.0 phones use the same core technology and cordless phone frequencies, it doesn't mean there aren't differences between brands and models. The differences today have more to do with features than the pros and cons of different technologies. It also means that we are all qualified to compare cordless phones. A useful starting point is undoubtedly a review of the top selling cordless phones.

Panasonic Cordless Telephones

Panasonic is the most innovative of all cordless telephone manufacturers. Over and above the basics found on all cordless phones they have many exclusive features:

Bluetooth Cordless Phone
  • Panasonic talking caller ID
  • Call blocking
  • Night mode or Silent mode
  • Range extenders
  • Link-to-cell phone technology
  • Smart wall mounts
  • Eco-mode power management
  • Power backup
  • As many of these features are unique to Panasonic cordless phones cordless phone comparison becomes a lot easier. When comparing the alternatives most consumers find at least one of the above features addresses a specific problem they have encountered. For example everyone who has had issues with cordless phone reception is impressed by Panasonic's long range cordless phone solution. Similarly anyone living in area susceptible to power outages will love the elegance of Panasonic's unique power backup feature.

    The latest models that support these enhanced features are designated DECT 6.0 Plus Phones.

    Other features that differentiate Panasonic cordless telephones:

  • Headset jacks on handsets
  • The use of AAA rechargeable batteries vs. of proprietary battery packs.
  • Panasonic 2 Line Cordless Phones

    2 line phones, another niche where Panasonic has released a range of phones that address specific issues. They include corded cordless phones that can be used whether mains power is available or not. Phones with and without answering machines, a Bluetooth enabled 2 line cordless phone and a model that links via USB connection to a PC to achieve integration with Microsoft Outlook.

    It's features such as these that account for Panasonic topping the cordless phone ratings and securing the biggest share of the market.

    Vtech Cordless Phones

    While there are dozens of cordless phone brands, most outsource manufacturing to just two or three companies. Uniden and Vtech manufacture phones that are sold under many brand names in addition to their own. For example Vtech has manufactured AT&T cordless phones since 2000.

    Vtech is a Hong Kong based company. It specialized is the mass production of low cost consumer electronics.

    Vtech phones are some of the best and cheapest cordless phones. They are popular with users who don't require a lot of bells and whistles. They don't support talking caller ID, call blocking, AAA batteries and most models don't feature headset jacks. On the hand Vtech puts enormous effort into designing some of the sleekest cordless phones.

    Vtech also targets the Bluetooth cordless phone niche. They are cheaper than most of the alternatives and present Panasonic with a significant challenge.

    Uniden Cordless Phones

    Uniden is one of the most recognized cordless phone brands. While Uniden's head office is in Japan, it's many years since Uniden phones were manufactured there.

    Uniden 2 Line Cordless Phone

    Uniden cordless home phones are well made and reliable, but otherwise little different from other commodity DECT 6.0 phones. The exceptions are Uniden waterproof cordless phones and two line cordless phones.

    Uniden has an extensive range of two phones. It's latest DECT 6.0 two line cordless phones have scored excellent reviews. Users are impressed with the sophistication of multi-line handling available on DECT4000 series phones. They compare favorably with those from Panasonic.


    It's a mistake to assume that all DECT 6.0 phones are the same. Because all manufacturers now use the same core technology, they have been forced to focus on the niches where they are most competitive. It makes cordless phone comparison easier provided consumers can identify the brands that are strongest in the areas they are most interested in.

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