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Best Cordless Phone Headset
A Shortlist of the Best Headsets for Cordless Phones

At first glance it might seem that selecting the best cordless phone headset couldn't be easier. After all they're not expensive and they all look much the same. Dig a little deeper and it quickly becomes evident that there are hundreds of headsets for cordless phones to choose from and many of them are duds.

What to Look for in a Wireless Phone Headset

Sound quality is obviously critical, but other considerations include:

Plantronics M175C

1. Comfort - a cordless telephone headset that leaves marks and impressions on the wearer's head or needs to be continuously readjusted is a dud.

2. Rugged - capable of withstanding at least 1-2 years of normal wear and tear without self destructing.

3. Simplicity - the essence of good design.

We would also eliminate from consideration any hands free telephone headset that works with only one brand of cordless phone. In our view that's too restricting. The ideal cordless phone headset connects via a standard 2.55mm jack and can be used with any cordless phone.

In line volume controls are useful, but not essential. If you can readily access the adjustment on the cordless phone they're a bonus but not a necessity.

Wireless Telephone Headset Shortlist

These are the cordless phone headsets that we are happy to use and recommend.

1. Plantronics Headsets

The company is a specialist manufacturer of headsets, headphones and earpieces. Its range of products extends from sophisticated Plantronics office headsets to this functional Plantronics cordless telephone headset.

2. Which Panasonic Headset?

In our view these Panasonic headsets are on a par with the Plantronics M175C.

Panasonic KX-TCA60 or the Panasonic KX-TCA92.

3. Which Uniden Headset?

Both Panasonic and Uniden make high quality products. While Uniden is not well known for its headsets we were impressed with the Uniden HS910 headset for cordless phones.

There are many other manufacturers of wireless phone headsets, but we believe these are the pick of the crop unless you are looking for something more exotic such as a cordless headset phone.

Hands Free Cordless Phones

For an increasing number of multi-taskers a standard cordless phone with headset is too basic. They require an office phone headset and base station package that has a more business like appearance as well as some extra features.

Consider the Plantronics CS-55 DECT 6.0 Digital Wireless Office Headset. It's a cool piece of technology using DECT technology to give a wireless range of up to 300 feet and 10 hours of talk time. However, it also comes with a much bigger price tag.

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Plantronics CT12 - cordless headset phone - an iconic hands free phone.

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Top of Best Cordless Phone Headset

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