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If you own a cordless phone with headset and are about to upgrade or buy a replacement you could be in for a rude surprise. While in the past all cordless phone handsets were equipped with headset jacks that's no longer the case. Panasonic cordless phones are the exception. On the other hand few if any of the latest Vtech or ATT phones have headset jacks.

Why ATT, Vtech phones don't have headset jacks

1. Cost cutting - competition in the cordless phone market is intense and price is the most important consideration for most consumers. Vtech and others have responded by cutting costs to the bone and headset jacks were clearly one of the casualties.

2. Cordless headsets - the latest Vtech cordless phones have cordless headsets that don't require headset jacks. An almost identical headset is also available for ATT cordless phones - the TL7600.

Panasonic Cordless Phones with Headsets

Panasonic has taken an entirely different tack. We are yet to find a Panasonic cordless phone that doesn't come with headset jacks and belt clips. It's an example of a strategy that is obviously working. Consumer cordless phone reviews consistently place the company's phones at the top of the pile. They always offer a bit more than competitive products and despite not being the cheapest it seems that many of us don't object to paying when we see value for money.

Best Corded Headsets

Cordless phone headsets are not expensive. A good quality set should cost less than $30. It's a good idea to avoid really cheap headsets as they break too easily and are often annoying to use. We would recommend looking for a good quality noise cancelling headset. Panasonic and Plantronics telephone headsets are usually the safest options.

Bluetooth Headsets

While corded headsets remain popular, it will be interesting to see how much longer that is the case. Bluetooth cordless phones offer many advantages including the ability to link with Bluetooth headsets and earpieces - irrespective of brand!

Freedom to use any brand of headset is important to many of us. For example Plantronics Bluetooth headsets have a solid reputation and it's good to know that they can be used with both cell phones and Bluetooth cordless phones.

Portable Cordless Phones with Headsets

Cordless headset phones are the next step up from a standard cordless phone with headset. Users love the fact that they are light and compact. They can "put them on" and forget about them till they get a call or need to make a call.

They comprise a small wearable cordless phone or dial-pad that can be tucked into a pocket or clipped onto clothing. The Plantronics C12 and C14 are the most popular examples of these devices.

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