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We have tracked down the best cordless wall phones. It took longer than expected. Product descriptions can be misleading and obviously there are different interpretations of how a wall mount cordless phone should look. Some even suggest that a shelf jutting from a wall is enough to qualify. As for the holy grail, flush mounted cordless wall phones, they're seriously difficult to find.

Best Cordless Wall Phone

The latest Panasonic cordless telephones are the pick of the crop. We are talking about DECT 6.0 Plus phones such as the KX TG6641B. It's reversible handset enables it to be either wall mounted or sat on a bench top, desk, ...

They are top rated cordless phones with many features exclusive to Panasonic from call blocking and talking caller ID to power backup and dual keypads (base and handsets). Both voice clarity and cordless phone range are also excellent.

AT&T SL82318 DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone and Answering System

The AT&T SL82318 is a good looking cordless wall phone. It slopes out from the wall in a similar way to the AT&T E5913B. Picture a ski slope.

  • DECT 6.0 digital technology
  • Expandable to 12 handsets
  • Call-Waiting Caller ID
  • Intercom
  • Speakerphone
  • Display: blue backlit
  • Digital answering system - 14 minutes
  • Input/output (handset): 2.5-millimeter jack
  • Placement: table-top or wall-mountable

Update - Best wall mount cordless phone: ATT CL82409

The SL82318 has now been superseded by the ATT CL82409, an even better wall mounted cordless phone.

AT&T E5913B Cordless Phone and Answering System

Until we discovered the AT&T SL82318 the AT&T E5913B was in our view the best cordless wall phone. It's hardly low profile as it sticks out about four and a half inches at the bottom and then angles back at the top. It's a practical and relatively stylish cordless wall phone.

The E5913B is a middle of the road 5.8 GHz cordless home phone. (The last digit in the part number indicates the number of handsets in the package: 1, 2,3, or 4). It scores well in consumer and cordless phone reviews, but it's stand out feature is that it's a practical wall phone with caller ID and speed dialing.

  • 5.8 GHz FHSS technology
  • Expandable to 4 handsets
  • Call-Waiting Caller ID
  • Intercom
  • Speakerphone
  • Display: LCD monochrome - backlit keyboard
  • Digital answering system: 14 minutes
  • Batteries: Rechargeable - Nickel metal hydride
  • Placement: table-top or wall-mountable

The AT&T E6014B is almost identical to the E5913 except that it has a color display, but doesn't have speed dialing. They are both stylish cordless wall phones.

Other DECT 6.0 Cordless Wall Phones

GE 27909EE1 DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone

If DECT 6.0 technology is a requirement then your options are limited. The GE 27909EE1 is a flat wall mount cordless phone. It's a sleek and stylish phone, but unfortunately the stainless steel "finish" is actually plastic. Hard to find.

Philips SE7452B

The Philips SE7452B is a genuine DECT 6.0 wall mounted cordless phone. It has a relatively low profile extending about two inches from the wall. We prefer this phone over the GE 27909EE1 mainly because we like the feel of it's keypad (the GE has a weird feeling membrane keypad rather than actual buttons) and we aren't into silver plastic. Otherwise they are comparable phones.

Should you find a low profile wall mounted cordless phone that we have missed please drop us a note. We will update this page to include your comments.

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