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Free Cell Phone Minutes
Time to Ditch Your Land Line Phone Service

Cell phone plans with included or free cell phone minutes present an opportunity to ditch a land line phone service, but still have the convenience of a cordless home phone. It's also one of the easiest ways to save money. The key is a Bluetooth enabled cordless phone or gateway.

The Bluetooth Cordless Phone

Bluetooth cordless phones are about to become the default cordless home phone. By automatically pairing with Bluetooth enabled cell phones they overcome issues with cell phone reception, exposure to cell phone radiation and present an opportunity reduce or even eliminate the cost of a land line phone service.

Bluetooth Pairing

Bluetooth Cordless Phone
Panasonic Link-to-Cell

A Bluetooth home phone can typically pair with a Bluetooth cell phone or headphone as you walk in the front door, if not before. Thereafter cell phone calls, as well as land line phone calls can be made and answered using a cordless handset.

In the meantime your cell phone(s) can be charging. If signal strength varies from room to room, put it in whichever spot gets the best reception. In this way issues with reception and dropped calls can be overcome.

Time to Ditch Your Land Line Phone Service

While most homes still have a landline phone service, it's a changing picture. Increasingly we communicate with friends and family using cell phones. For those with access to free cell phone minutes and a Bluetooth home phone the case for canceling fixed line services is even more compelling.

Two Line Cordless Phones

Bluetooth Gateway
Xlink Bluetooth Gateway

Once a cell phone is paired with a Bluetooth cordless telephone, it's mobile phone service can be used as an additional line. It can be used at the same time as land line calls are in progress. If free or included cell phone minutes are available, users can make free phone calls from their cordless handsets. Most Bluetooth cordless telephones can pair with at least two cell phones, further adding to the pool of available minutes.

Bluetooth Reviews

A shortlist of the best Bluetooth cordless phones and gateways.

Smart Ways to Save Money

It pays to compare prepaid cell phone plans and consider the savings to be achieved from using free cell phone minutes to disconnect land line phone services or get access to a free home phone service.

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