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GE Cordless Headset Phone
The First Hands Free Cordless Phone

It was a GE cordless headset phone that exposed the hands free cordless phone niche. For the first time multi-taskers were untethered from their handsets. They were at last able to walk around and wave with both hands while speaking on the phone. Millions of home and small business users became addicted to these hands free devices and remain so to this day.

GE 900 MHz Cordless Phone

GE Headset Phone

The first GE cordless headset telephone was more than a novelty, it actually delivered the goods. Users became hooked on the unit's compact proportions and versatility. In particular they appreciated the 900 MHz phone's impressive cordless phone range.

RCA ViSYS Headset Telephone

With the benefit of hindsight we can see that Thomson Inc. (owners of the GE telephone brand) missed an opportunity in not exploiting the advantages of being first to market with a hands free telephone. The company released the RCA ViSYS headset phone in 2004. While having many innovative features, it was handicapped by it's light weight finish. As Thomson is now shutting down it's retail phone business in the US, we are unlikely to see another generation of the GE cordless headset phone.

Plantronics Cordless Headset Phones

Cordless Headset Phone
CT14 Headset Telephone

In the absence of any real competition Plantronics phones have become the default cordless headset phone. The iconic Plantronics CT12 has now been superseded by a DECT 6.0 hands free phone - the CT14 and the ultra-cool Calisto Pro has convincingly proven that buyers are not deterred by cost.

Final Thought

The cordless headset telephone continues to continues to grow in popularity. It's rapidly becoming standard equipment for small business and home based business operators.

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Top of GE Cordless Headset Phone

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