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Cordless Phone Review - GE DECT 6.0 Phones

While GE phones are not top sellers, they remain popular with a small group of connoisseurs who appreciate their shiny good looks and distinctive features. They are no longer manufactured and some models are already difficult to find. It maybe time to stash one or two away as investments. For all we know they could become valuable retro or vintage phones in years to come.

Designer Series

There are six or more GE phones in the Designer Series. They are the ultimate in cordless kitsch with models including:

GE Stainless Steel Phone
  • Stainless Steel (wall mount cordless phone)
  • Desk Stand or Wall Mount Phone
  • Contemporary Handset Phone
  • Photo Frame Phone
  • They are functioning DECT 6.0 phones, but are unlikely to impress anyone other than those looking for a novelty phone or props to use in a practical joke.

    GE 28821FE2 - GOOG-411 Phone

    The GE 28821FE2 is a classic GE cordless phone. It's got the signature look: ultra-glossy black plastic, light-weight and obviously fragile. On the other hand it's jammed full of cordless phone features including GOOGLE 411. To our knowledge no other cordless phone has this feature and it works well.

    Unfortunately the motor or whatever drives this GE cordless phone is under powered. It occasionally pauses for a few seconds while filling a buffer or catching it's breath.

    GE Corded Cordless DECT 6.0 Phone

    GE corded cordless phone

    This is one of the most popular GE cordless telephones scoring good ratings and reviews. While basic with no answering machine it's also a cheap cordless phone. Users find it more than adequate as an occasionally used cordless home phone and it also works well with MagicJack.


    Competition is intense in the phone market. GE telephones have been squeezed out by Panasonic cordless telephones at the premium end and VTech phones at lower price points. They will shortly disappear from the shelves of clearance outlets as the remaining units are snapped up by collectors and connoisseurs.

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