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How do GE telephones stack up against the best cordless phones? There is a GE phone to address every niche: cordless wall phones, Bluetooth cordless phones, big button phones, Skype phones, retro cordless phones ... There is even a GE cordless phone with a GOOG-411 button. But are they any good and how do they compare with the top rated cordless phones?

In 1987 GE sold it's home electronics business to the French conglomerate Thomson, Inc. Thereafter telephone and communication products carrying the GE brand name were no longer manufactured by GE.

Thomson produced dozens of innovative cordless phones, but they were often quirky and less reliable than competitive products.

While the GE brand name was undoubtedly a great asset, it wasn't enough to counter the momentum of competitors including: Panasonic, Uniden, Siemens and Vtech. In fact we don't recall ever seeing a GE telephone amongst the top sellers.


Flush mounted cordless wall phone

Stainless Steel Phone

While GE telephones are often marked down, some models are rapidly appreciating in value. These include the Stainless Steel Phone. It's a very cool cordless phone that's popular not only because it looks great, but also because it's a flush mounted cordless wall phone. If you want one don't hesitate. They are in short supply and collectors are pushing up the prices of the few that are available.

GE Designer Series

The Designer Series was one of Thompson's last efforts before quitting the business. They were the ultimate in cordless phone kitsch. There was a Photo Frame phone, a Wedge phone, an ultra Slim wall phone, a retro cordless phone, ... and the Stainless phone. They are usually purchased as novelty or retro cordless phones.

Google 411

GE Cordless Phones

Some top end GE cordless telephones have an innovative feature called Google 411. It's a free service that enables users to search and connect with U.S. and Canadian businesses via a toll free number. The service employs speech recognition technology and hence all interaction is verbal.

While many users liked the 411 feature, they were not so impressed with the phones. They are known to hang or pause from time to time. On the other hand these are not issues that would deter a collector. In fact their quirks may even make them more valuable as vintage collectables.

Final Thoughts

Consumers are very discriminating when it comes to cordless phones. They want products that are innovative, good looking and reliable. While GE telephones deserve points for innovation, they are out classed by the best cordless phones.

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