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Cordless Headset Phone for Home - Office or Car

Many if not most of us associate using a hands free device with speaking on a cell phone while driving a car. Heavy penalties for non-compliance have caused sales of Bluetooth earphones and headsets to explode. They've become must-have fashion accessories. The hunt for the latest and best Bluetooth headsets now drives a multi-billion dollar industry. The irony is that on arriving home or at the office we either swap headsets or pick up a handset.

The Cordless Headset Phone

Cordless Headset Phone
Plantronics CT14

Hands free phones have been around since the early 80's. The first was a GE cordless headset phone that won a cult following. Since then Plantronics has dominated the niche with it's hands free telephone range.

Plantronics C12 Hands Free Phone

The Plantronics C10, C12 and more recently the C14 headset phones have hooked a new generation of users on the advantages of hands free telephones. The iPod-iPhone generation has no issues with wearing headsets or earphones. It makes more sense than jamming a handset between shoulder and chin. What's more they are portable phones with a range of up to 300 feet from keypad to base station. Users are free to wander from room to room, or even head outside to complete a task while they chat.

Plantronics Calisto Pro

Plantronics Calisto Pro
Calisto Pro

While cordless headset phones can free users from being tethered by a phone chord at home or in the office, they're less than useless in a car or over distances greater than 300 feet. To comply with laws against speaking on cell phones while driving we must either switch headsets or use a Plantronics Calisto. The Calisto's Bluetooth headset can be worn all day and used to speak over fixed line, cell phone or even VoIP networks.

The Ultimate Hands Free Cordless Phone

To survive all cordless phone manufacturers either need to emulate or improve on the Plantronics Calisto phone. Home phone users are increasingly reliant on cell phone and VoIP services at the expense of traditional landline services. Furthermore they enjoy the convenience of using all these services with the one hands free device.

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