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Which Hands Free Telephone?

A hands free telephone is an absolute necessity for anyone who hasn't got the time to put their feet up while speaking on the phone. However there is more than one style of hands free device. The right one will naturally depend not only on your requirements but your budget as well.

Hands Free Devices - the options

1. Telephone with Headset: it's the cheapest and simplest option. Any handset with a head phone jack will operate with either a cordless or corded telephone headset.

Plantronics M175C The big advantage of a cordless phone headset is mobility. Not only are users free to continue working with both hands, they can also walk around while speaking. Depending on the cordless phone technology, they should be able to walk between two and three hundred feet from a base station while maintaining a connection.

DECT 6.0 phones are the best hands free cordless phones because they have better range than 2.4 GHz alternatives, but also because they are immune to most forms of wireless interference. These are important considerations whether at home or at work, especially in the vicinity of WiFi networks and microwave appliances.

Cordless phones from manufacturers including Panasonic and Uniden incorporate a standard head phone jack in the hand piece that enables either Panasonic or Plantronic headsets to be attached. Finally, no hands free cordless phone is complete without a belt clip.

Cordless Headset Phone
Plantronics CT14
2. Cordless Headset Phones: these cordless phones are designed from the ground up for hands-free use. They may or may not include a dialer. The Plantronics CT14 is the most popular option. It has a very compact dial pad that can be tucked into a pocket or attached to a belt. It connects to a Plantronics cordless telephone headset that can be worn over the ear or over the head. It's a cordless expandable phone - up to six units can be registered with one base station sharing access to a single land line phone service.

The CT14 is an ideal cordless home phone. It's the type of hands free telephone that small office - home office operators find indispensable.

3. Universal Cordless Headset Phone: The only catch with a wireless headset telephone such as the CT14 is that it can't pair with a cell phone and it's not designed to work with VoIP phone systems. These are not issues if you are happy to change headsets when walking out the front door of your home or office. However, there are cordless headset phones that will work with cell phone, VoIP and fixed line telephone services. These include the Plantronics Calisto Pro hands free phone.

The other nice feature of the Calisto Pro is the absence of a wires. It employs a Bluetooth cordless phone headset.

Well designed products such as the Plantronics Calisto Pro and CT14 have made the hands free telephone into something of a cult item. Once people try them they find it impossible to get used to holding a handset again.

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Plantronics CT14 - cordless headset telephone - from the company that owns the hands free niche. The CT14 is a third generation hands free phone. It's similar to the the Plantronics CT12 that preceded it, but with some big improvements.

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