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Clarity Hearing Impaired Telephones

Clarity manufactures the most extensive range of hearing impaired telephones.They include not only corded and cordless phones, but also cell phones and notification systems for the hearing impaired.

Manufacturers including Panasonic and Uniden address the needs of the hearing impaired, but Clarity phones set the benchmark. They incorportate many unique features that reflect the company's focus on the needs of senior citizens.

Phones for the Seriously Hearing Impaired

For the seriously sight and hearing impaired there is no credible alternative to a Clarity phone. They provide a total package of features including phones that:

  • Speak numbers as they are dialed.
  • Amplify inbound calls by more than 50db.
  • Amplify outbound calls by more than15db.
  • Provide multiple tone settings.
  • Have very loud (up to 95db) ringers in addition to
  • Visual call notification.
  • Identify callers by announcing their names.
  • Big buttons and displays with large fonts.
  • Operate even during power outages.
  • Clarity Technology

    The challenge for manufacturers of hearing impaired telephones is that at higher levels of amplification there is a loss of clarity. It becomes increasingly difficult to make out what is being said. To address this challenge Clarity has developed proprietary technology (Clarity Power). It effectively eliminates the problem enabling the profoundly hard of hearing to take advantage of phones with 50db plus of amplification.

    Tone Adjustment

    The loudest phones are not always the clearest sounding. In fact loudness may not be the main problem. It could be an inability to hear high or low pitched sounds. If that is the case a hearing impaired telephone with a tone adjustment is required. Phones with this feature usually have three or four settings that users can switch between to increase clarity and overcome hearing loss associated with high or low frequencies.

    Call Notification

    The better hearing impaired phones are equipped with ringers and lights to give both audible and visual notification of inbound calls and messages. They vary in the level of control that users have over adjusting volume and the effectiveness of illuminated indicators.

    Hearing Aid Compatible Phones

    Clarity phones comply with the TIA-1083 standard for compatibility with hearing aids. Prior to it's publication hearing aid users were subjected to interference when using digital cordless telephones. The standard was designed by the Telecommunications Industry Association in conjunction with the Hearing Loss Association of American.


    Clarity is a division of Plantronics. Our experience with all Plantronics products has been excellent. They are well made and above all fit for the purpose they are designed for. That is definitely the case with Clarity hearing impaired phones.

    It's also good to see that the company has now standardized on DECT 6.0 cordless phone technology.

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