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Panasonic Cordless Telephones
Why They Outsell the Rest

Not only do Panasonic cordless telephones outsell all other brands, but the gap between first and second place has been getting bigger as the years go by. It's not because they are the cheapest, they aren't. So what is it about Panasonic cordless phones that has so many consumers convinced that they're the best?

Cool Features

Sadly most DECT 6.0 phones offer almost identical features. There are differences in style, color, size and branding but overall they are superficial. As a result price has become the most important differentiator, but not in the case of Panasonic cordless telephones.

Top Selling Cordless Phone

While others focus on cutting costs to the bone by removing items such as headset jacks and belt clips, Panasonic progressively updates its phones and adds more features. It was the first to offer: talking caller ID, call blocking, silent mode, visual voicemail, range extenders, DECT 6.0 Plus ...

It's clear from reviewing today's top 10 best sellers that Panasonic is onto a winning strategy. Vtech cordless phones are also well represented, but the top spots are consistently occupied by Panasonic phones. Clearly most consumers consider them to be the best cordless phones.

Working with Cell Phones

Panasonic looks set to hold onto the top spot for years to come. Consumers have switched onto Bluetooth cordless phones and it's the number one brand in this booming niche.

Panasonic's Link-to-Cell technology (a.k.a. Bluetooth) is a solution for consumers who intend going totally cellular, but still want the convenience of cordless handsets around the home. Many have also discovered that a Bluetooth cordless phone can also be used to overcome problems with poor cell phone reception. They no longer need to stand on a ladder or hang off a balcony when speaking on a cell phone.

Multi-Line Cordless Phones

Another niche where Panasonic has focused its attention is 2 line cordless phones. Demand is strong because of the growth in home based businesses and the uptake of internet phone services offering a second line at no additional cost.

While other brands have released just one or two variants there are a large and growing number of Panasonic 2 line phones including Bluetooth enabled models. One of the latest additions integrates with Microsoft Outlook's contact database.


Competition in the cordless phone market is more intense than it has ever been. The challenges are further compounded by the popularity of cell phones and consumers switching from landline to internet phone services. In response to these challenges Sony, Sanyo and other brands have tossed in the towel. Others are attempting to hold the line by cutting costs and releasing cheaper products that are almost identical. Panasonic cordless telephones are the exception.

Top of Panasonic Cordless Telephones

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