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Plantronics CT12
Cordless Headset Phone

The Plantronics CT12 cordless headset phone is an iconic hands free phone. It's a member of a family that established the benchmark. The CT12 is a 2.4 GHz phone that superseded an equally popular 900 MHz phone with similar appearance and features - CT10. The latest member of the family - the C14 was released in 2009. It's a further refinement of the original concept using the latest DECT 6.0 cordless phone technology.

Plantronics Cordless Headset Phones

Plantronics C12 Cordless Headset Phone
CT12 Headset Phone

The concept behind these portable phones is simple. The box contains a headset, a belt clip, a compact cordless phone complete with dial pad and a base station. There is no handset to hold because the phone was designed to enable users to multi-task while speaking on the phone.

Once the headset is clipped on the wearer has complete freedom to speak on the phone while completing tasks and moving around a home or office. There are no wires to become entangled and they have excellent range.

CT12 Pros

Cordless Headset Phone
Plantronics CT14

It's a well executed hands free telephone that works reliably. The quality of these phones is such that they will survive years of daily use.

CT12 Cons

Like all 2.4 GHz phones they are susceptible to interference from WiFi networks. This is their biggest weakness and it was addressed with the release of the Plantronics CT14. DECT 6.0 phones are immune to cordless phone interference, have greater range and require less frequent charging. The latter point is important because the C12 can't be used while it is being charged. However, it's rarely an issue as a fully charged unit can support over 5 hours of continuous chat.

The Plantronics C12 is no longer manufactured and it's increasingly difficult to find new units. As a consequence vendors with stock can and do sell sell them at a premium.

Final Thoughts

There are no serious challengers to Plantronics in the headset telephone niche. Plantronic phones are well made, robust and work reliably.

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