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Plantronics CT14
Cordless Headset Telephone

The Plantronics CT14 is the latest cordless headset phone from the company that owns the hands free niche. The CT14 is a third generation hands free telephone. It's very similar to the Plantronics CT12 that preceded it. The key difference being that the new model is a DECT 6.0 phone with all the associated benefits: excellent range, interference free and impressive talk-time.

The CT14 Headset Telephone

Cordless Headset Phone
CT14 Headset Telephone

Plantronics headset phones are designed for multi-tasking home and small business users. They are essentially small cordless phones with a headset and no handset. A small dial-pad complete with LCD can be either tucked into a pocket or attached to clothing. Up to six dial pads can share a single base unit and associated phone line. Intercom and conferencing features are supported.

Despite the size of these portable phones they are not short on features. There are: volume, mute, redial, one-touch voice mail ... controls. They can store up to 30 caller ID numbers and 70 phonebook contacts. The backlit LCD can be used for caller ID display. Call waiting is also supported - subject to subscription.

Plantronics CT14 - the Pros

The CT14 is one of those addictive hands free devices that make it too easy to become hooked. After two or three days using a CT14 the prospect of once again jamming a handset between shoulder and chin while using a computer or writing a note is simply not on.

Ten hours of talk-time between charges or 8 days of stand-by is enough to eliminate any objection on this front. Similarly a range of up to 300 feet means that these hands free phones will not restrict mobility even in the biggest home. In fact many users find that they can wander freely outside for even greater distances while still continuing to chat.

The Cons

The Plantronics CT14 is almost faultless, but there are two things that stand in the way of a perfect ten.

1. We hate wires and this unit still has a wire running between the keypad and cordless telephone headset. It doesn't restrict mobility in any way, but the option of a comfortable Bluetooth head set would be a major enhancement.

2. In an ideal world we would wear just one headset all day, whether at home in the office or on the road. Unfortunately the CT14's headset needs to be swapped for another whenever you leave home or the office.

Plantronics Calisto Pro Headset Telephone

If either of the above "shortcomings" present a problem there is a solution. The Plantronics Calisto is the ultimate cordless headset phone, but it comes at a cost.

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