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Best Uniden DECT Cordless Home Phone

There are millions of consumers who have loyally used Uniden telephones for twenty years and more. Many became acquainted with the brand when they purchased their first 900 MHz cordless phone in the late 80's. They subsequently upgraded to 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz phones and now they're checking out the latest Uniden DECT phones.

The good news that will immediately strike these loyal Uniden cordless telephone users is that the new DECT 6.0 phones are ultra cheap compared with past purchases. Intense competition and DECT 6.0 technology are responsible for a plethora of cheap cordless phones.

However, on the down side it's no longer as easy as it was to find the best Uniden phone. There are seemingly dozens of different Uniden DECT 6.0 phones to troll through. Fortunately because they are DECT phones they use the same cordless phone technology, do pretty much the same things and work equally well. The differences tend to be skin deep and hence decisions can be based on style-color-size preferences.

Uniden 3080

Sleek Uniden Phones

Sleek-elegant phones usually cost more and the DECT3080 range is no exception. It's an attractive phone with all the core features that every DECT phone should have plus a large display and a headset jack.

Frankly for a top of the range cordless phone we had higher expectations. The corresponding Panasonic cordless telephones are only slightly more expensive, but offer many more features including: talking caller ID, call blocking and visual voicemail. They also score better cordless phone ratings.

Regular Cordless Home Phones

Uniden DECT2080

If elegance is less important than practicality, then the DECT2080 series is probably a better way to go. Despite the fact that it's a fairly basic cordless phone with answering machine, it has no obvious defects and is rated highly by users. Of the Uniden telephones we have reviewed it's the best DECT cordless home phone.

Cheap Cordless Phones


The DECT 2080 series was first released in 2003, however it's vintage is not a negative in any way. It has the same basic features as the DECT2080 and DECT3080.

While the DECT1580 is cheaper than the Uniden telephones above, it's actually not that cheap. At the time of writing the Panasonic KX-TG1032s and KXTG1033s were cheaper. These are the two most popular DECT 6.0 cordless phones of all time.

The Best Cordless Phones?

Does Uniden make the best cordless home phone? We don't think so, but there are definitely worse options. Uniden cordless phones are well engineered and reliable, but not especially innovative. That is unless you're looking for a waterproof phone.

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