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V Tech cordless phones are excellent value for money. They consistently score top marks in cordless phone reviews while being cheaper than most competitive products. The company is a highly efficient manufacturer of low cost consumer electronics. It manufactures phones that are sold under several brand names including ATT cordless phones.

Vtech phones are represented in all the major niches from cordless homes phones and Bluetooth landline phones through to 2 line cordless phones. It even manufactures the best 4 line cordless phone (sold under the AT&T brand name.

Top Rated Vtech Phones

V Tech phones are most popular with users who want an inexpensive but reliable landline phone with the minimum of bling. If you feel compelled to keep your landline, but hardly ever use it we would strongly recommend a Vtech phone. They cover all the basics, but follow the trends rather than rather than break new ground.

Vtech Cordless Phone

Cordless Home Phones

The VTech CS6429-4 has been the first or second best seller for as long as we can remember. It's a DECT 6.0 cordless phone with answering machine. If features such as talking caller ID, silent mode and visual voicemail aren't required, there is no better better phone.

While corresponding Panasonic cordless phones have more features, they are also more expensive.

Bluetooth Cordless Phones

Vtech was one of first companies to add Bluetooth technology to a DECT 6.0 phone. It was an innovation that blurred the line between cell phones and cordless phones. It's a technology that has now hit the topping point and Bluetooth enabled phones have become top sellers.

The VTech DS6421 is one of the best Bluetooth cordless phones. Pairing with other Bluetooth devices is trouble free and call clarity is excellent. It enables two cell phones to be paired concurrently. If you have a cell phone or smartphone and it's Bluetooth enabled it's definitely time to get a Bluetooth cordless phone.

Vtech Cordless Phones

2 Line Cordless Phones

Here's a development that we find intriguing. Sales of 2 line cordless phones have gone into overdrive. It maybe because prices have come down or it could be because many VoIP internet phone services are bundling a second line for free. For whatever reason the main beneficeries of this trend are Panasonic, Uniden and Vtech.

The VTech DS6151 is one of cheapest and the best. It's been around for a while, but it's a DECT 6.0 phone, highly expandable (12 handsets) and rock solid.

Vtech Cordless Phones - Summary

Owners of Panasonic and V tech cordless phones are more inclined than others to stick with the brand they know and trust. To our mind there is no better indication of customer satisfaction.

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