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Visual Voicemail
Now on Panasonic DECT 6.0 Cordless Phones

Visual voicemail is a feature that most of us became familiar with via our iPhones. It enables users to visually scan their voicemail messages without having to listen to each and every one. The innovation came courtesy of smart speech recognition software and it's now also available on high end Panasonic cordless phones.

Choice Mail

Choice Mail
Panasonic KX-TG7534B

The brand name for Panasonic's version of visual voicemail is Choice Mail. iPhone users will immediately recognize it and know how to use it.

Best Cordless Phones

Panasonic K7400 series cordless phones are almost indistinguishable from the best cell phones. They have large bright displays and deliver near pitch perfect sound. They also support functionality unavailable on any other cordless phone.

Talking Caller ID

It's a feature that you either love or hate. Personally I couldn't live without it. Even though I have a handset on my desk, it's pushed way back to make room for other stuff. If a caller is not announced by my phone then the chances are it's a telemarketer or worse and I'll let the answering machine handle it. At a time of my choosing I can then scan any messages left by unidentified callers using Choicemail.

Call Block a Phone Number

Most of us have a few people we would rather not receive calls from. Rather than let the phone ring whenever their number is displayed or name announced, just add them to a blocked number list. It takes seconds and thereafter they will get a busy signal and you will not be disturbed.

Silent Mode

Many cordless phones permit their users to turn off ringers and divert calls to answering machines. The catch is that some of us forget we have done it and only remember when we are driving to work, tucked up in bed ... The neat thing about Panasonic's silent mode is that it's easily programmed to be activated and deactivated at specific times. It happens automatically until reset.

Needless to say any voicemail messages taken while silent mode is activated can be scanned in seconds using Choicemail.

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