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Best VoIP Business Phones
- To use with a VoIP Business Service -

The cost of VoIP business phones is no longer a serious objection to using a state of the art phone service and cutting the cost of calls. Large corporations have been cashing in on these savings for years. Few of them still use a traditional land line phone service, as most switched to VoIP phone systems long ago.

While the big end of town had a head start, there is nothing to stop small business and even residential users from enjoying the savings that VoIP phone systems can deliver. There are dozens of VoIP phone service providers offering hosted solutions to small business customers. Most of them supply VoIP adapters or analog telephone adapters. They enable existing landline phones to be used with their services. While adequate, there are better alternatives that enable users to tap into the full potential of VoIP technology.

VoIP Business Phones

Best VoIP Business Phones

Cisco phones are the benchmark. The most popular options for small business users include the Cisco SPA942 4 line phone. It's a SIP phone which means that it can be used with almost any hosted VoIP solution.

VoIP Cordless Phones

Multi-tasking small business operators need to both talk-and-walk. Unfortunately Cisco wireless IP phones are pricey and seldom partnered-up with small office phone systems. The good news is that there are more modestly priced alternatives available from Siemens Gigaset. These excellent cordless VoIP phones are suitable as either cordless home phones or small business phones. They are 2 line cordless phones with loads of smarts as well as belt clips, headset jacks ...

Best VoIP Providers

New VoIP phone service providers are emerging all the time. The challenge for small business operators is to pick those that offer the best VoIP business service. They differ significantly from standard residential VoIP service providers. One of their distinguishing features is that they offer a combined virtual phone and fax service as well as toll free numbers, Outlook integration, click-to-call, answering rules, music on hold ...

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