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While there are dozens of VoIP cordless phones that can be used with the Skype phone service, there are just a handful available to users of other online phone services. Most of these residential VoIP services use the SIP protocol. It's the most recognized VoIP protocol, but so far only one or two cordless phone manufacturers have jumped on board. The rest are still investing their energy in manufacturing landline phones. Siemens cordless phones are the stand out exception.

Residential VoIP Services

VoIP phone systems are no longer a novelty, especially for business users, but in the home phone space things have moved at a different pace. In order to eliminate complexity and give consumers a plug-and-play experience most VoIP phone service providers sell packaged VoIP solutions. The best known examples include:

  • Vonage Phone Service
  • Ooma
  • Magic Jack

These services enable regular cordless landline phones to be used with an IP phone service. They are plugged into a jack connected to a preconfigured black box or ATA and within minutes the users can be using a cheap home phone service without becoming entangled in technicalities. The downside is that users are effectively locked into using one voice over IP provider unless they are willing to duplicate their investment in VoIP hardware.

Cordless VoIP Phone
Siemens IP Phones

Siemens Cordless Phones

Siemens have produced a range of VoIP cordless phones that can be used with almost any IP phone service. They are SIP phones, which means they can be configured in a few minutes to work one or more broadband phone service without needing to replace adapters or other black box technology.

Siemens cordless VoIP phones offer all the usual features that we expect from a high end cordless phone, but they are far more sophisticated. The main differences include:

  • Hybrid-phones with both VoIP and landline connections
  • Multiple SIP accounts
  • 2 line cordless phones plus a landline service
  • Base station connect directly into a broadband router
  • Expandable up to 6 cordless handsets
  • DECT cordless phones
  • Configurable via a simple web interface
  • Exceptional sound quality without echoes or other interference

The Siemens VoIP cordless phones are more than popular with a rapidly growing community of VoIP enthusiasts. They enable almost anyone to use a VoIP phone service and achieve significant cost savings without being locked into a service provider. Users can mix and match providers to obtain the best mix of services at the lowest cost.

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