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There are a number of essential features that we look for in a VoIP home phone. To rate for consideration they have to be cordless and expandable. Having had a cordless home phone for as long as I can remember, there is no way we would ever consider a corded phone. Next, they have to sound at least as good as a landline phone. No echo, WiFi interference or drop outs. Finally, they have to be SIP phones so we are not restricted in our choice of online phone service.

The bad news is that these minimum requirements eliminate many of the options. There are relatively few cordless VoIP phones designed for home use. The big exception are Siemens phones. They tick all the boxes and many others. In particular they are easy to set up and use while also being well designed and attractive.

Siemens VoIP Cordless Phones

While any cordless phone can be used as a VoIP home phone it's a challenge for many consumers. They need to source a third party analog telephone adapter (ATA) and configure it to work with their chosen VoIP service provider (VSP). Alternatively they sign up to a contract and get a "free" ATA that can only be used with one VSP.

Siemens cordless VoIP phones are supplied with an ATA. When first connected to a broadband service they automatically check for the latest version of software and update if required. Thereafter updates are applied automatically and transparently. The phones are rock solid and almost impossible to brick. They are also dead simple to setup and use. Better still they can be configured via a browser interface to connect with up to six different VSP's and switch between them as the need arises.

DECT 6.0 Phones

The ATA on Siemens cordless phones also doubles as a DECT 6.0 base station. They are DECT 6.0 phones with all the associated strengths: immune to WiFi interference, excellent range, long battery life, secure communication and trouble free. Above all they deliver exceptional voice clarity.

Dual Mode Telephones

Siemens phones are dual-mode landline - online phones. In the event of a power outage users can continue making and receiving calls via a regular land line phone service. Depending on the reliability of the mains power supply in your area this may or may not be an essential feature.

In our case we decided that it wasn't a critical factor, as we seldom get blackouts and we can always use a cell phone. In fact we decided to completely cut the cable on our old telephone service a few weeks after installing the Siemens VoIP home phone and never once regretted the decision.

Multiple Lines

One of the features that we look for in a VoIP home phone service is a free second line. The Siemens phones can use both because they are 2 line cordless phones. That is they enable two concurrent VoIP phone calls plus one landline phone call (effectively 3 lines).

Multiple Voice Service Providers (VSP's)

As we make a lot of international phone calls from home to different regions, we find it useful to have multiple VSP's. Not only can we fine tune call costs based on destination, but it also enables us to have multiple DID's or on line phone numbers in different parts of the world. As a result friends, family, business associates ... can call us for the cost of a local call.

While this may sound a bit over the top, it's actually very easy to set up on a Siemens cordless phone. They can store the profiles of up to six different VSP's and switch between them automatically based on user specified parameters. In many respects they have the smarts of a compact home PBX system.


There are several different styles of Siemens VoIP home phone. They include models with and without digital answering machines. Depending on how much you are prepared to spend you can choose either the deluxe S class models or the more affordable A class phones. It comes down to a choice between a metal or a plastic phone, otherwise they are almost identical and both are highly recommended.

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