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Best VTech Phone 2017
A State of the Art Cordless Phone

Selecting the best Vtech phone just became a lot easier or harder depending on your inclinations. The latest models include a number of significant enhancements. They are almost on a par with the latest Panasonic cordless phones and cheaper. They supersede a range of phones that were excellent value for money, but several steps behind the best cordless phones in terms of innovative technology. The latest Vtech phones thoroughly address that criticism.

Link-to-Cell Technology

We are all familiar with Bluetooth technology and Bluetooth cordless phones have been around for while. Year by year they have become progressively more popular, but the tipping point has now undeniably arrived. They are hot!

The VTech DS6421-x is not Vtech's first Bluetooth cordless phone by a long shot. However it's the first Vtech phone that combines Bluetooth technology with a state of the art cordless phone.

New Features

1. Push-to-Talk - so far it's only available on ATT and Vtech phones. It turns every handset in the home into a walkie talkie device. Instead of yelling to summons the family to dinner just pick up the nearest handset and announce "Dinner!"

2. "Voice announce," Panasonic calls it talking caller ID and Uniden something else but it's basically the same thing. Consumers either love it or hate it. The former find it indispensable and wouldn't consider a phone that doesn't support it. The latter can deactivate the feature if they feel strongly enough.

3. Call quality or clarity is a critical factor for consumers when assessing their satisfaction with a cordless phone. Over and above all other features it tends to determine whether or not a consumer will buy another Uniden, Panasonic or Vtech phone. As a consequence most brands have now equipped their phones with HD audio and Vtech has finally done it too.

4. Vtech has finally bitten the bullet and gone with AAA batteries. It's years behind Panasonic and Siemens Gigaset in doing this and lost many loyal customers as a consequence. Vtech's replacement cordless phone batteries were not cheap and often didn't last long. Problem fixed!

5. Ring Tones - you can assign unique ring tones to callers and another to cell phone calls. One would have thought that's how all cordless phones should work. In reality most don't.

Bluetooth Range

To overcome issues with cell phone reception users are advised to leave their cell phones in whichever part of the house gets the strongest signal. As long as it's within thirty feet of the cordless phone's base unit there should be no problem with Bluetooth connectivity. They can then answer or make cell phone calls using any cordless handset associated with the system.


DECT 6.0 phones are highly expandable. Most Vtech phones including the DS6421-x are expandable up to twelve handsets. Surpisingly Panasonic has capped the expansion on most of its cordless home phones to six handsets. As consumers are increasingly going for larger configurations to take full advantage of features such as Push-to-Talk and Link-to-Cell that policy is probably costing Panasonic sales.

Cordless Headsets

VTech doesn't put headset jacks on its latest cordless phones, so your $25 headset can't be used with them. Instead you will need to buy an IS6100 DECT 6.0 Cordless Headset. The upside if that you can not only go hands free but also get rid of the wires dangling around your head. They are proper DECT 6.0 phones so conversations are secure and interference free. Furthermore they have excellent range - up to 500 feet from a base unit.


1. The Vtech DS6421-x has about the same cordless phone range as all other DECT 6.0 phones. It's more than adequate for use around most homes. It would however be comforting to know that there was an optional range extender available to overcome possible issues in remote corners of a home or yard.

2. Vtech's cordless headsets are pretty cool, but we believe there are a lot of consumers who are quite content to use an el cheapo wired headset. Unfortunately it's not an option and even it was the handsets don't come with belt clips.

3. No power backup - it's a concern that many people have about cordless phones. Panasonic has come up with a highly effective solution on it's latest models and no doubt Vtech phones will incorportate a similar feature at some stage in the future.


The Vtech DS6421-x is one of the most affordable Bluetooth cordless phones, but is up against some stiff competition in the form of a Panasonic cordless telephone.

Panasonic and Vtech are engaged in mortal combat to dominate the Bluetooth cordless phone market. The victor stands to gain a major advantage in the overall cordless phone market because Bluetooth is set to become a feature that consumers expect to find whenever they update an existing phone.

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