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Cordless Phone Comparison

Vtech telephones are always amongst the top sellers. When looking for the best cordless phones we always check out the top sellers first. Consumers may get it wrong for a day or two, but word travels fast. In no time at all they reassess and zero in on the best.

Cordless Telephone Comparison

There are three niches in which Vtech phones are most competitive. They are always amongst the top rated cordless phones each of these niches.

Vtech telephones

1. Cordless Home Phones

The Vtech CS6219-x and CS6229-x are the same phone except that the latter includes an answering system and the former doesn't. It's a basic but very affordable home phone. Vtech has sold millions of them and with few exceptions the owners are delighted with them.

2. Cordless 2 Line Phones

The Vtech DS6151 is one of the cheapest 2 line cordless phones, but also one of the best. The Uniden DECT4096 offers better multi-line handling, but home users obviously find the Vtech telephone more than adequate.

Vtech telephones-1

3. Bluetooth Cordless Phones

Vtech phones were amongst the first to offer Bluetooth capabilities. The DS6321-3 competes head to head with the best Panasonic cordless telephones. It can link with up to four Bluetooth cell phones or headsets. Users can elect to go totally cellular and ditch their land line phone service if they wish.

ATT Cordless Phones

If the Vtech brand name isn't familiar think of ATT phones. Since 2000 ATT cordless phones have been manufactured by Vtech. In fact Vtech manufactures phones that are sold under several different brand names, some of them are more recognizable than it's own.

Vtech has perfected the science of high volume low cost manufacturing. They are essential skills in a business where profitability and survival depend on selling enormous volumes of products.


With few exceptions Panasonic and Vtech telephones are the top sellers in almost every niche. The former differentiates it's products by adding innovative features and charging a bit more. On the other hand Vtech phones are quality products, but offer little in the way of bells and whistles. They are also some of the cheapest phones.

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