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Best Wall Mount Cordless Phone

Ironically the main reason why it's not easy to find the wall mount cordless phone of your dreams is the absence of a cord. In order to reduce the risk of being knocked off their moorings and hitting the deck they must have a reclining posture and a secure docking mechanism. The outcome is that flush mounted cordless wall phones are as common as hen's teeth. There are some el cheapo Vtech and Motorola phones that come close, but we would hesitate in recommending them.

With few exceptions most cordless phones have some kind of wall mount. They range from attachments that can best be described as a shelf through to highly practical solutions. In our view Panasonic and ATT make the best wall mount cordless phones. Not only can they be hung on the wall, but they are also some of the best cordless phones.

Panasonic Cordless Phones

Best Wall Mount Cordless Phone

The Panasonic KX TG664xB is an expandable cordless phone - up to 6 handsets. It's a top of the range DECT 6.0 Plus phone with features including power backup, talking caller ID, call blocking, silent mode ...

The handsets sit on low profile reversible wall mounts. It enables them to be either seated on a desk, counter ..., or attached securely to a wall. In our view they are the best available cordless wall phones, but we would still exercise care in locating handsets in areas where there is significant traffic.

ATT Cordless Phones

The best wall mounted cordless phone before Panasonic took up the challenge was the AT&T CL82409. Unlike others it actually attaches to the face of a wall without requiring a shelf to jut out and snare passing traffic. Admittedly it protrudes an inch or two more at the bottom than the top, but as indicated above there is no such thing as a perfect flush mounted cordless wall phone.

ATT Wall Mount Cordless Phone

The CL82409 is a DECT 6.0 cordless phone expandable to twelve handsets. It has features including a digital answering machine, handset speakerphones, a shared phone book - directory and a large LCD display.

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The AT&T CL82409 is an excellent cordless wall phone, but lacks many advanced features. Panasonic has pulled away from the pack and put its phones in a different class with a host of innovative features that consumers obviously want: power backup, extended range, talking caller ID, silent mode ... While Vtech, ATT and others cut costs by removing features such as headset jacks, Panasonic continues to add features and outsell the rest.

The Classic Wall Mount Cordless Phone

Stainless Steel Cordless Wall Phone

The GE 27909EE1 Stainless Steel Cordless Phone is no longer made but can still be found if you look hard enough. They have become collectable and we've seen them sell for as much as $500 with a single handset.

It was intended as a novelty cordless phone, but its pseudo-stainless steel finish and flush wall mount is eye catching.


The latest Panasonic cordless phones tick every box. In our view they are the best cordless wall phones.

Top of Wall Mount Cordless Phone

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