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What is Bluetooth Technology
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Bluetooth Definition

Q. What is Bluetooth technology?

A. Bluetooth is a short range low bandwidth wireless protocol sometimes called a PAN or Personal Area Network. Bluetooth uses the 2.4 GHz short range radio frequency and has data transfer rate of less than 1Mbits/sec (V1.2) or 3Mbits/sec (V2). Useful features include automatic discovery and pairing.

Bluetooth has been adopted faster and more extensively than any other wireless technology.

Q. Once again, what is Bluetooth?

A. It's a technology that enables multiple Bluetooth gadgets or devices to be easily connected without wires, cables or manual configuration.

Q. What is pairing?

A. Bluetooth pairing is when one Bluetooth device discovers another, starts a conversation and begins exchanging data.

Q. What is the range of a Bluetooth device or adapter?

A. Bluetooth range is circa 33 feet or 10 meters.

Q. Where can I get a Bluetooth download?

A. The best place to get the latest Bluetooth drivers is usually the web site of the company that manufactured or distributed your Bluetooth device. One of the safest sites to get a Bluetooth dongle driver is

What is Bluetooth Technology?

It's a common question because Bluetooth is now embedded in almost every new high-tech gadgets. Bluetooth technology is used by tens of millions of people every day. It's not just in our Bluetooth headphones and cell phones. It's also in a new generation of Bluetooth cordless phones.

Smart Homes

Bluetooth technology is the obvious solution to networking smart devices around the home. It's safe, reliable and cheap.

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